Transport Canada Listened!

Your comments to Transport Canada’s NPA 2024-001 were effective!

A couple months ago, UPAC asked you to submit comments to Transport Canada regarding the proposed changes to the definition of ultralight aeroplane that were outlined in proposed regulatory amendments  NPA 2024-001.

Comments were submitted by UPAC, COPA, their members, and other stakeholders regarding this NPA about the ultralight definition and other aspects of the NPA.

Usually we don’t  find out the results of the comments for quite awhile, if ever. However, it looks like Transport heard you!

In an email sent on April 12, Transport notified CARAC members (UPAC is a CARAC member) that it published a report – “What We Heard” – regarding this NPA package.

The report outlines the feedback TC received and highlights the significant number of comments that surrounded the definition change of an “ultralight aeroplane”.

Thanks to all of you,  everything stays the same,  at least for the near future.

Next Steps

As a result of the feedback received, TCCA will remove the proposed amendments changes in CAR 101.01 to the definitions (ultralight aeroplane, hang glider, and launch weight) and won’t repeal CAR 203.07 and 203.08 “until further policy work can be conducted to minimize any potential unintended impact on the aviation community.”

Ultralights pilot can still fly any plane that fits the UL definition regardless of its registration marks and the category in which it is registered. This means Amateur Builts, Owner Maintained, and type certificated planes that meet the UL definition of 1200 lb MTOW with a 45 mph stall speed or less in the landing configuration can still be flown by UL pilots and instructors.

Read the report for yourself.  Download TC’s  ‘What we heard’ as a Word Document or a PDF from the bottom of the page at: