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  • Peel and stick clear with black lettering advanced ultralight "notice" label for cockpit. 1" x 3". REQUIRED FOR ALL AULA's
  • Peel and stick clear with black lettering 1" x 3". REQUIRED FOR ALL BULA's

    "Notice: This basic ultra-light aeroplane is not required to conform to government safety standards for design, construction and maintenance. Fly in this aircraft at your own risk."

  • Membership Renewal

    1-year membership renewal to the Ultralight Pilot's Association of Canada. Join the best ultralight organization in Canada. Receive 12 months of our monthly Light Flight, your rights represented in discussion with Transport Canada, and an open invitation to our annual convention on the third weekend of August every year.
  • New Membership

    1-year membership to the Ultralight Pilot's Association of Canada.
  • Peel and stick clear with black lettering. 1" x 3". REQUIRED FOR ALL BASIC ULTRALIGHTS
  • UPAC ultralight pilot's logbook. Bound in a sky blue colour, it features 27 pages of log entries, each with 12 line entries each.
  • Set of 3 manuals plus Log Book:
    • UPAC Aerodynamics, Meteorology and Navigation Manual
    • UPAC Ultralight and Light Plane Condition Manual
    • UPAC Ultralight Information Manual
    Buy the set, and get "Pilot's Logbook" included!
  • This publication shows you all the ins and out of how to start an ultralight flight training unit (FTU). Ground school specifics, suitable airplanes, flight training, insurance and whole bunch more and covered. Highly-recommended. Note: Shipping is included in price.
  • Ultralight Aeroplane Dataplates. 2.25" x 4" aluminum dataplate etched with "manufacturer", "make/model" and "serial number". Use a metal punch or scribe to imprint your aircraft information. Required for all ultralights
  • The Utralight Pilots Association of Canada has assembled the material in this publication with the recognition that ultralight aeroplanes are different and that the pilots flying them use them primarily for recreational aviation rather than transportation.
  • UPAC logo crest. Embroidered. Perfect for sewing onto any article of clothing (hats, jackets, bags etc...)
  • The Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada has recognized the need for information for owners of ultralight and light aircraft about the care and condition of their flying machines. This handbook was assembled with the idea that pilots should be able to look over their aircraft and determine what may need to be fixed. This is not a how to fix it manual. It is a compilation of information to help you recognize the need for repairs and to evaluate previous repairs.
  • This manual includes all the rules and regulations for the operations of all ultralight types, including Advanced Ultralight Aeroplanes, Powered Parachutes, Trikes and Hang Gliders.
  • The UPAC "Wings" Pin is made of the highest quality casting in 24-karat plated gold. It features the same large "wings" design as our new t-shirts and measures 2 3/4" inches wide.
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    Ever been stymied by weight and balance? Not quite sure if your aircraft can safely and legally carry the load you plan both at takeoff and on arrival? Hesitant about transferring your book learning to hands-on application on a newly built, bought or borrowed aircraft?
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