Call to Action!!

What if you were suddenly told you can’t drive your pickup truck with your driver’s license, you’d be hopping mad wouldn’t you?

Well, that’s what’s happening to Ultralight pilots. If this definition change goes through, UL pilots will no longer be able to fly any aeroplane that is not registered as C-Ixxx.

Beware! Don’t ignore this or think it doesn’t matter to you.

Today, with no advance notice to the ultralight community, Transport Canada is proposing changes that will negatively impact ultralight pilots. Tomorrow, with the stroke of a pen, it could be anyone, or everyone, else. Once privileges are lost, we won’t get them back

All pilots, not just UL pilots, need to send in a comment to prevent this from happening.  We’re all in this together.

What it’s all about

Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA) 2024-001

Aircraft Identification, Registration and Operation of a Leased Aircraft by a

Non-Registered Owner (PART II)

This NPA includes changes in Part I to the definition of Ultra-Light Aeroplane.  The new definition “ultra-light aeroplane” will state that an ultra-light aircraft is one that is registered as such. (C-Ixxx)

This will cause a huge problem for the ultralight community. Ultralight pilots will no longer be able to operate aeroplanes that are registered in different categories that meet the gross weight and stall speed of a basic ultralight.

Read the NPA yourself. Download it from

Download UPAC’s comments  HERE

Watch a member Mat McLatchy’s reaction on Youtube:

Write your own comments and send them to TC!  The deadline is Feb 7, 2024.

Send comments by email to:

Or use online form for NPAs

Transport needs to hear from all of you that it is unacceptable to make it illegal for UL pilots to fly the planes they own when their planes do not have C-Ixxx marks.

Please send UPAC a copy of your comments.

Thank You!
Kathy Lubitz