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  1. KGCOttawa
    Ultralight & Flight Newbie. Looking for suggestions on how & where to get started!
  2. Nelson
    Looking for Challenger II 2006+ 582
  3. bcbushcaddy
    It's all for the birds!
  4. ronflys701
    ronflys701 Matthew Roung
    Will track u down at upac this weekend ...its been a long while....Ron ch-701 was sold and now looking for something different ......maybe
  5. Sylvain
    Sylvain Taiser
    Hi Taiser.
    I see you scratch built a CH750. I prevoiusly built a Cx4 Thatcher and scratch build the CH750 might my next project.
    If you dont mind, I would like to ask you some questions about your build: Time, price for firewall aft, quality of plans, support, problems you encountered, advices and whatever advices you might have. You can contact me at

    Sylvain Belanger
    Montréal QC
  6. Matthew Roung
    Matthew Roung flyalmaguin
    Hi Jason. The Buzzard is reassembled and ready to fly. Currently in a friend's hanger at Lubitz Field
  7. mmatt
    mmatt turbot
    Thanks for the offer but we have a new set of rims, tires, and brakes from Black Max on it now. Makes a huge difference. :)
  8. turbot
    turbot mmatt
    Nice looking Chinook you have.
    I think I have a set of large rims , tires & brakes off a Chinook.
    If your still looking for these let me know.
  9. challenger builder
    challenger builder Frank Probst
    Hi Frank,
    I just saw your Taylorcraft on the cover of this issue of UPAC. I have been looking at pics of the 601 Tail dragger that you built. It looks like a great build. I build Challengers and have a flight school in Nova Scotia, East Coast Ultralight. I just sold my Challenger II on floats and am in the market for something a bit faster. I still have a Challeger on wheels that I do my flight training with. I would be interested in talking to you about this plane. I know you don't own it now, but I do like to talk to the builder. If you get this message on here.. my email is and my phone number is 902-584-3302. I'd love to hear from you! I will keep trying to find your contact info. Thanks in advance.
  10. flyalmaguin
    flyalmaguin lgaultois
    I'd like to contact you regarding your C-140 BULA conversion. Are you reachable somehow? I'm thinking of doing the same thing and looking for some input/advice and maybe some insight now that yours is complete.

  11. fusionfab
    Hey Martonz
    Yes I have I will be writing the exam with the trainer next week.
  12. martonz
    martonz fusionfab
    Hey Fusionfab,

    Have you started ground school yet?
  13. Ryan Duffy
    Ryan Duffy Dyceman
    Hey Dyceman I was wondering if you could tell me if powered glider units like the Mosquito and Wasp are considered LSA or if a hang gliding license would be enough to use them in Canada/Ontario?
  14. flyingmerle
    flyingmerle klubitz
    Hello Kathy! I have a question and thought maybe you could answer it. Can I import a LSA from the states and register it as a amateur built? The plane is an Avid MK IV, at 1150 gross and 36 mph stall it fits the UL standards, I would be pleased if you could help me out on this! Thanks for now!
  15. flyingmerle
  16. flyingmerle
    flyingmerle Matthew Roung
    Hey could you tell me a bit about your titan? Thanks!
  17. Jonas
    Jonas tiketyboo
    It is a Pipistrel Virus SW (short wing)
    It has a Rotax 912 100hp engine, and cruises at 170mph!

    I built it from a kit, and registered it as a homebuilt, and flew it with my ultralight license to Villenuve AB to meet an instructor to train for my Private pilot license. In the year I have owned it, I have logged 330 hours flight time.
  18. tiketyboo
    tiketyboo Jonas
    what kind of plane do you have and what is the engine, great story, loved it and thanks for the pictures.
  19. Kiramadiera
    Where can I buy a banana pod for my aerotrike safari? Is there any aftermarket manufacturers?
  20. firebane05
    I love watching