Quicksilver GT500 – Advanced Ultralight

  • November 8, 2020 10:39 pm
  • New Brunswick


  • Engine Type : 4-stroke
  • Engine Make/Model : Rotax 912 UL
  • Aircraft Condition : Used
  • Features : Airspeed, Altimeter, Rate of Climb


The plane is a 2013 Quicksilver GT500 currently registered as an Advanced Ultralight.
It’s registration letters are C-IKIY.

It was acquired as an unfinished project and recently finished. It sat unattended and deteriorated as planes do when they’re not being used and so a lot of the aircraft is comprised of brand new parts and materials. Parts and support are still available as the aircraft is currently still in production.

– all new aircraft grade hardware wherever it was needed
– new parts from Quicksilver where needed (there were some dented and damaged tubes)
– brand new fabric for the main wings, flaps, ailerons, horizontal stabilizer and elevator, (vertical stabilizer, rudder, and cockpit fabric all tested to above recommended strength)

The engine was torn down, inspected and re-built by a certified Rotax tech. It has been broken in and the plane has been flown twice so far. It currently has 2.7 hours on the Hobbs (hour meter) but you can expect that time to go up as I plan to continue to fly it until it sells because it’s just so much fun.

It has a lot of power. The engine is a 4-stroke, 4 cylinder, 80hp Rotax 912 UL swinging a 70″ 3-blade Warp Drive prop. It’s turning 5400 rpm static and it climbs like a homesick angel. You definitely have to be on the rudder for power changes as the torque will easily swing the nose if you’re not ready for it. Initial observations are showing 75 mph at 4000 rpm. Stall speeds haven’t been officially tested yet but I’ve been touching down at around 40 mph with plenty of control authority still. Take off and stopping distances are both well under 500 feet.

Empty weight is 650 lbs, gross weight is 1100lbs, fuel capacity is 16 US gallons.



76 Airport Rd Newbridge,E7N 1J1,New Brunswick