Full Lotus 1260 Floats, REDUCED Like new at $1000s less than new

  • September 11, 2021 10:51 am
  • Ontario


  • Features : Floats


260 Full Lotus floats, 1260 lb capacity.
Buy New at over $8000. US dollars for Equivalent.

Fly off water, ice, snow and even wet grass in a pinch.

Newest models available with the centre Air Bag which stiffens float while taking Off

Like new condition, flown once off snow
Included Stiffener tubes, cross tubes and rigging to attach to CH701.
Rigging could be adapted to any ultralight plane.
I purchased for attachment to my plane.
Due to reasons beyond my control I am unable to complete my training. My X-Air iS SOLD.


  • Best Floats available, Fly off WATER, ICE, SNOW add wheel kit to land on runway.
  • Shape of Float produces lift on water and in the air, lessens drag.


cLAYTON ON,K0A 1P0,Ontario