2010 Challenger II 582 Advanced Ultralight Project for Sale

  • October 16, 2023 3:40 pm
  • Alberta


  • Aircraft Condition : New


Challenger II 582 premium ultralight kit approximately 45% complete. Includes tail, wings, fuselage and engine power pack, basic instrument package (airspeed, altimeter, coolant temperature, tachometer, compass, pitot tube), full tinted Lexan cockpit enclosure, all fasteners/hardware, electrical wiring/cables, Poly-Fiber covering system, top-mounted strobe light, fiberglass wing tips, nose fairing, mid-wing gap cover and streamlined covers for wing struts, landing gear and wheel pants.

Engine not included but does include all the power pack components for the Rotax 582. Includes the 2.6 – 1 reduction drive, Warp Drive 3 blade variable pitch propellor, motor mount, QCU electric start, radiator (w/summer and winter louvers) and plumbing and Odyssey drywall battery.

Additional engine section components include upgraded dual control slaved AeroControls Light Engine Services throttle quadrants, upgraded engine harness wiring kit and aux. engine electric fuel pump.

Other added upgrades include a 17 U.S. gallon fuel tank with analog fuel level sender/external fill assembly, 6″ aluminum wheels w/brakes, Rotax 582 all-season cabin heater kit, heavy load strut lift kit and custom Turbulance front/back seats w/cockpit side panel liners.

Extra after-market upgrades include wingtip mounted Kuntzleman Dual Magnum strobe lights, hardware and components for hinged nose kit, cockpit third door and rear fuselage streamlined modification.  All parts have been inventoried. Have maintained a meticulous build log. Over 1000 build and reference photos with various manuals and CD’s available for build assistance. Will also include all my cleco’s, clamps, pliers and within reason, specialty tools ie) rivet fan, etc.


212 Sceptre Court NW Calgary, Alberta,T3L 1Y1,Alberta