1992 Merlin GT

  • October 6, 2020 9:52 am
  • Quebec


  • Engine Type : 4-stroke
  • Engine Make/Model : Verner VM133 (45 hrs TT)
  • Aircraft Condition : Used
  • Features : Airspeed, Altimeter, Artificial Horizon, Cabin Heat, CHT, EGT, Floats


Jeep of the North has been sitting for several years.Health issues and age have made my decision to sell as is.New skin has a UV coat but not painted.Wings and motor stored indoors. Fuselage stored outdoors but well protected.New fibreglass skylight and doors.Full lotus floats(45TT).Wheels and undercarriage.Solid frame.Cockpit seats two,side by side.Motor still in crate from Verner.I had the timing done and complete inspection.Two New Bing carbs.New Ivoprop 3 blade prop.
Needs half of cowling and gas cap.Steal of a deal.