The exemption which allows Ultralight pilots access to Class E airspace was renewed on June 26, 2017 by Director General, Aviation Safety Regulatory Framework, Civil Aviation, Aaron McCrorie. It is valid for 5 years until June 30 2022.

CAR 602.29(1)(c) restricts pilots of ultralight aeroplanes from operating in controlled airspace unless that controlled airspace is Class C or D control zones if you have a radio and establish 2-way communication.  Class E airspace is also defined as controlled airspace even though there may not be air traffic control services available.

Radios are not required to operate in Class E airspace, but because of the regulations, ultralights are prohibited.

Amendments to the regulations to allow ultralight access to Class E and other airspace (if the plane has the appropriate equipment) were approved by the Canadian Aviation Regulations Advisory Council in 2000. We are still waiting for those proposed amendments to be passed into law. Hopefully the regulations will be amended by the time this exemption comes up for renewal once again.

The text of the renewed exemption including the requirements can be downloaded here (requires Adobe Acrobat):



Also available on the Transport Canada Website