Date and Time

The 2015 UPAC Convention will be held on August 14, 15, and 16, 2015 at Lubitz Flying Field (CLB2 in the CFS).

Official activities start at the chili supper at 5:30 Friday evening followed by a movie. Many planes and people arrive earlier to help with final preparations.

Saturday is the big day with breakfast starting at 6:30, seminars starting at 9:00, with the draw for the fabulous prizes starting at 12:30. Seminars resume after the draw and the UPAC Annual General Meeting is at 3:30. Activities continue Saturday night with a movie and live entertainment.

Seminars will continue Sunday morning if any have been arranged.  Things wind down around noon on Sunday when attendees start heading home.


Lubitz Field is a farm strip located to the west of the Kitchener/Cambridge area of southern Ontario.

The farm is about 13 air miles SW of the Waterloo Regional Airport (CYKF), about 20 air miles ESE of Stratford Airport (CYSA) and about 16 air miles NNW of Brantford Airport (CYFD).

It’s about an hour’s drive west of Toronto and about 45 minutes east of London. GPS Coordinates are N43°18.3’; W80° 32.9’.

The mailing address is Bright but the nearest town is Plattsville. The physical address is 907289 Township Rd. #12 in Blandford-Blenheim Township, Oxford County.  Find it on Google Earth by typing in ‘907289 Twp. Rd. 12, Ontario, Canada’.  There are more buildings than are shown in the 2006 picture; however, later pictures have clouds obscuring some of the details.

There is no charge for admission, for exhibiting, or for camping. Donations will be gratefully accepted and are used to offset the costs of fuel and maintenance for the chain saws, weed eaters, lawn mowers, and tractors which are used to prepare the runway, taxiway, parking and camping areas. Donations also offset the construction and maintenance of the showers and outhouses and go towards the price of the port-a-potties.


If you would like to exhibit a plane or product, please contact us for information. Send an email to or cal the office 519-684-7628.  We do not charge to exhibit; instead we ask you to donate a prize for the draw.

Aerodrome Operations

The airstrip is open for normal operations during the convention. Use proper circuit procedures at all times.

There is no manned UNICOM on the field. If you want to use a radio to broadcast position reports or to monitor traffic, the frequency for use at Lubitz Flying Field is 123.2.  Be aware that 5 other frequencies can be in use in the area. Do not assume that everyone else can hear you or that you can hear everyone else.

There will also be many NORDO aircraft who will not hear you broadcast your intentions. Keep a sharp look out for other aircraft at all times!

The east-west grass runway is 1980 ft. long and 80 ft wide with clear approaches. Parallel the runway, from east to west,  there is a row of T-hangars and a 4 bay hangar, a white arch building, a rectangular building, and south of that  an ‘L’ shaped building all with white roofs.

There are three non-standard wind socks. One is located at the east end of the 4 bay hangar south of the runway. There is one on top of the white roof of the large rectangular building hangar south of the runway The last one is at the NE corner of the fenced pasture. You will also see Canadian flags on fence posts and in various locations on the grounds.

Field elevation is 980 feet ASL, circuits are left-hand and at 500 ft. for ultralights and at 1000 ft for conventional aircraft. Adjust your speeds and watch for other aircraft!

If you want to camp under the wing of your aircraft, if you are exhibiting an aircraft and wish to do demonstration flights, let the aircraft marshaller know.

After you shut down, please sign in at pilot registration and get an up-to-date itinerary.

Don’t forget your tie downs!

Caution: Hot air balloons will be launching on Friday and Saturday evenings and in the early morning on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. There will be a glider landing on Saturday morning and it will be towed out in the afternoon. There will also be helicopter operations this year.

Under-Wing Camping

There is an area east and in front of the T-hangars for pilots who want to set up a tent under the wing of their aircraft.  Alternatively, we can transport you and your camping gear to the other camping areas.

Let the ground crew know your intentions upon your arrival so they can direct you to the appropriate aircraft parking area.

All aircraft must be tied down!

Camping – Tents, RVs, Motorhomes

UPAC invites members, friends, family, and guests to make a weekend of it and enjoy the camping areas on the convention grounds!

There is no charge for camping, but a donation is requested to cover the costs incurred in cleaning up the area, keeping the grass cut and for the Port-a-potties that have to be rented.

Camping will be available starting on the weekend prior to the convention for those who want to come early to help with final preparations.

Conditions are “primitive” which means no running water or hydro, only outhouses and port-a potties.  There are no hookups and no pump out facilities. Water is limited. Fill your water tanks before you arrive.

Primitive showers are located near the UPAC headquarters building. If the volunteers get them up in time, the water may even be warm. Outhouses and port-a-potties will be strategically placed near camping and parking areas.

Tents and small campers can be set up along the Nith River in the Nook-o-the Nith area on a first-come, first-served basis. Bring lots of insect repellent if you camp there!

A field on high and dry ground is recommended for larger camping units and RVs. This area is more open and also has a view of the runway. There is no shade, so bring your own.

Keep late night and early morning noise to a minimum to make everyone’s stay more comfortable.  If you have a generator, please use it only between 6:30 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Remember to bring insect repellent and sun screen!

Please treat the campgrounds as though they were your own backyard. Pick up any trash you find, even if it’s not yours.


Whether or not campfires are allowed will depend on the conditions. If the grass is very dry, campfires will not be allowed.  Grass fires can spread very quickly! Ask when you register.

There are some rules for campfires if they are allowed!

  • Dig a pit to ensure stray sparks are controlled.
  • Never leave a burning campfire unattended.
  • Have water or sand available to put the fire out.
  • Fill in your fire pit before you leave.

The River

The Nith River runs beside the property. At this time of the year, water temperature is warm and the water depth is usually very shallow, however there are deeper areas so approach the river with caution!

A reminder to parents: You are responsible for your children at all times, especially when they are near or in the water!

Wireless Internet 

For your convenience, there is wireless Internet access in and around the UPAC HQ building and the camping area west of the HQ building.  Wireless Internet is also available at Convention Central for exhibitors and pilots in the under wing camping area.

Bandwidth is limited; you will not able to watch on-line movies or play games, but you should be able to check email and access weather information.


In previous years, dogs running loose disturbed convention attendees. Pets will be allowed again this year but they must be leashed at all times. Remember to stoop and scoop.

It is your responsibility to make sure your pet does not disturb others.


The Cafe Les Aires will be open for coffee and breakfast from 6 am until 10:30 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

It will be closed for about a half hour to clean up and change over from breakfast to lunch and reopen around 11:00 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for lunch and supper. Burgers and hot dogs are on the menu, along with chips and pop, water, and coffee.

The Cafe will close after lunch on Sunday.

Convenience and hardware stores for food and sundries are about 10 minutes away in New Dundee, Ayr, and Plattsville. Larger grocery, clothing and hardware stores are about 30 minutes away in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Woodstock.

Non-chain, family restaurants in the local towns include Shakers in Plattsville, Twice Around Diner in Drumbo, and Bucky’s Coffee Shop in Ayr.

Draw For Prizes

The draw for our fabulous prizes will begin at 12:30 on Saturday.   Again this year, All Star Resorts owners Ian and Sandra Collins are donating two nights free accommodation for up to four persons in a two 2 bedroom cottage. The resort is located on the east side of Algonquin Park and there is an airstrip adjacent to the resort which gives the winner the choice of flying or driving in. See

Icom will be on the field and is donating a portable aviation radio; Skyward Balloons is donating two free balloon flights; and Great Lakes Helicopter is donating a helicopter ride for 3 people. The Southern Ontario Gliding Association is donating a glider ride. There are many more great prizes; see the list of exhibitors and prizes which have been confirmed as of the printing time for this issue.

The prize list will be posted Saturday morning and the prizes can be viewed at the east end of the Arch building where you can also buy your draw tickets. Last minute donations will be gratefully accepted. Drop them off at the east end of the Arch where it and the donor’s name will be added to the list.

Tickets will be on sale on Saturday morning at the east end of the Arch. Get yours early!

The draw will take place at the east end of the Arch on Saturday at 12:30. You need to buy your tickets before the draw and you must be present to win.

Local Attractions

For the non-aviation minded, consider using the convention site (or a local hotel) as a base to explore Waterloo Region and Oxford County.

There are Farmers’ Markets in nearby Cambridge, Kitchener, St. Jacobs, and Woodstock on Saturday. They usually open early and close around noon. Get times and information from their websites:


There are two factory outlet centers, the St. Jacobs Outlet Mallnext to the St. Jacobs Farmers Market north of Waterloo and Southworks ( in downtown Cambridge. There are a number of regional shopping malls and several ‘big box’ centers in Kitchener Waterloo, Cambridge and Woodstock.

The Wings of Paradise Butterfly Conservatory is located near the Waterloo Regional Airport. It is open daily from 10am to 5pm. Check out their website at

The African Lion Safari is 30 minutes south. See

For the history buff, Doon Pioneer Village and the Joseph Schneider Hause, both in Kitchener, have weekend activities that take you back to the time the area was first settled by Mennonites from Pennsylvania.  Enjoy a drive through Mennonite country. Drive over the last remaining covered bridge in Ontario in West Montrose.

Recreational activities are available at Bingaman’s. Nearby YMCA locations are in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Woodstock.

Oxford County is noted for its farms and agricultural products. There are ‘pick your own’ farms for those who may be interested in picking fruits and vegetables and farmers markets for those who want to buy them already picked.

For more information about what is available locally, check out the web sites for the surrounding area.


Check internet sites for information on hotels located in or near Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Woodstock and some of the smaller towns.

The nearest accommodation is the Swan and Peacock B&B in Ayr. See

A list of nearby campgrounds with facilities can be found at

Directions to Lubitz Field

Flying in

The airstrip is open for normal operations during the convention. Be sure to keep an eye out for other aircraft. It’s a “see and be seen” situation!  Proper circuit procedures are important, especially in high traffic areas.

Bring your own tie downs and two-stroke oil. We can supply auto gasoline on request, but there is no aviation fuel.

Be sure to carry the proper documents for your aircraft (CofA, CofR, insurance, pilot permit/ license, medical, etc). Make sure the data plate matches the documents and that your placards are in place.

If you are coming from the northeast, be aware that the Waterloo International Airport Control Zone is Class C; you need a functioning Mode C transponder as well as a radio to enter the control zone.

With no transponder, you will have to go around the Control Zone or go over it. The Control Zone extends upwards to 3,000 ft AGL or 4,000 ft. ASL, so you’ll need to be higher than that.  Be aware that there is transponder airspace at 6,500 ft. AGL and above.

Driving in

Look for the UPAC Convention signs; we hope to have them on the roads before the convention, sometime on Wednesday August 12th. In case you arrive earlier than that, here are the directions:

from the EAST…

Take the 401 west to exit #268 – Plattsville and Ayr. At the light, turn left and follow Cedar Creek Rd (also regional road 97/Oxford Rd. 8) towards Plattsville. At the third crossroad, (Blenheim Rd.), turn left. At the next corner, Township Road 12, turn right. Follow this gravel road about one mile, across an iron bridge. The lane is on the right just as you come off the bridge. The 911-identifier is 907289. Turn right into the lane and follow the instructions for parking or camping.

from the WEST…

Take the 401 east to exit 250, Drumbo and go to Drumbo. At the 4-way stop in the middle of town, turn left towards Washington. Go over the 401 and a river to Township Rd. 12. Turn right onto this gravel road and go about two miles to an iron bridge. The lane is on the left just before the bridge. The 911-identifier number is 907289. Turn left into the lane and follow the instructions for parking or camping.

from the SOUTH…

Take the 403 west past Brantford to the exit for Brant Country Road 25 and go right. At the ‘T’ intersection, turn left to Princeton and take the first right onto County Road 3 and continue north to Drumbo. At the 4-way stop in Drumbo, go straight ahead towards Washington. Before you get to Washington, at Township Road 12, turn right and go two miles on this gravel road to an iron bridge. The lane  is on the left just before the bridge. The 911 identifier number is 907289. Turn left into the lane and follow the instructions for parking or camping.

from the NORTH…

From highways 7 and 8, take the exit for Regional Road 12 to New Dundee. Drive south, go through New Dundee. Continue straight ahead and up the hill at the 4-way stop. At the ‘T’ intersection (the Waterloo/Oxford line) turn right and then take the first left at the bottom of the hill onto Oxford Road 43 or the Blenheim Rd. Follow this road to the stop sign at County Road 8, also called Cedar Creek Rd and Highway 97. Go straight ahead and at the next corner, Township Road 12, turn right. Follow this gravel road about one mile, cross the iron bridge. The lane is on the right just as you come off the bridge. The 911-identifier is 907289. Turn right into the lane and follow the instructions for parking or camping.